Easy Guide to Mixing your Music


If you want to start mixing your own music it can be very with conflicting advice coming from every direction.  While mixing your own music can be frustrating but practice and a few tips will help you get better at it.  Here is an easy guide to mixing your own music.

The First Steps

If you are already making some of your own home recording then you probably already have the basic equipment.  If you don’t record already then you are going to need, digital audio workstation software, a good quality sound card and some reference monitors.  You don’t have to spend a fortune initially but as you get better at mixing you’re going to want to invest in much better equipment.  Here is a look at the basic setup that you will need.

Practice Listening

The first piece of equipment you need to prepare is your own ears.  Great sounding music can sound good in a tin can, but that is not the sound you are looking for.  You can get caught up in everything you can do with your audio equipment, but at the end of the day your recordings are only as good as they sound.  Listen to some great sounding music played through your system and try and identify the instruments and the vocal harmonies.  Learn to appreciate how subtle sounds work together to make great music.

Avoid Presets

Lots of mixing software comes with preset settings, and you will probably find a preset that fits the type of music that you are working on, be it hip hop, rock or something else entirely.  You use the preset with your music and suddenly it sounds absolutely wonderful, but…that isn’t quite the case.  Often it just adds loudness which is great for some genres of music like Techno but it doesn’t always work for other styles of music.  Each song is unique in its own right and it deserves its own sound.  Practice and learn how to tweak music yourself, don’t take shortcuts or use presets until you know how to mix music.  Once you learn how to mix music you won’t want to use presets at all.

Finding Your Own Sound

Music is inherently a creative venture there aren’t a lot of rules to follow when it comes to creating music.  Your goal should be to make something that sounds good.  You will spend a lot of time playing around until you find the sound you want.  Don’t be afraid to experiment or not be perfect the first time out.

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