A Brief History of Mastering

Everyone is talking about professional mastering services. You’ve heard all sorts of buzz about how important mastering is. You probably heard that mastering is required to get that radio-ready sound. Why is mastering so popular? What I have to say about mastering will certainly change your outlook! Mastering In The Early Days To understand all of this, it’s important to know the roots of mastering. latheIn the early days of vinyl records, after the audio was recorded and mixed—before it could be pressed and copied…

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Easy Guide to Mixing your Music


If you want to start mixing your own music it can be very with conflicting advice coming from every direction.  While mixing your own music can be frustrating but practice and a few tips will help you get better at it.  Here is an easy guide to mixing your own music. The First Steps If you are already making some of your own home recording then you probably already have the basic equipment.  If you don’t record already then you are going to need, digital…

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